Narative text

Basically, legend is a a kind of genre folkiore that consists of a narrative featuring human action
perceived or believed, both by teller and listeners to have taken place within human history. Indonesia has many legend stories. They are included into narrative text. Narrative text has social function they are to amuse, to entertain, and to show moral values indirectly. The generic structures which construct narrative text are orientation, complication and resolution.
1. Orientation
The introduction part which consist of what is in the text in general.
2. Complication
Their part which explores the conflict among the characters. This part contains the essenti
sontent of a narrative text.
3. Resolution
The part when the conflict tends to be decreased and ended. This part is when is the ccharacters get the solution of their conflicts. Then finally the conflict ended as the story ends.
There, are many legends or folklore come fom Indonesia such as the Legendof cindelaras, LegendĀ of Malin Kundang, Kyai Jegod, The story of Toba Lake, The Legend of Lake Batur, TIh
Legend of Mount Wayang. The Legend of Telaga Biru and etc.

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