The Legend of Si Pahit Lidah
        Once upon a time,there lived a mighty young man named Serunting in Semidang, South sumatra. He was very powerful due to the fact that he was the son of a powerful giant and a princess, Princess Tenggang. Serunting had a brother-in-law named Arya Tebing, Arya Tebing’s sister was Serunting’s wife.

The two young men quarreled becouse of Serunting’s jealousy over Arya Tebing. Each of them had rice paddies, side-by-side, separated by a decayed fallen tree. On this tree, some mushroom grew. The ones that grow overlooking Arya Tebing’s rice paddy turned into gold, while those that grew overlooking Seruntin’s turned into useless thatch grass. This made Serunting envious. No matter how hard he tried to move the tree, the mushroom overlooking Arya Tebing’s rice paddy remained gold.
        Eventually, a violent fight broke out between them. Knowing that Serunting was mightier than him, Arya Tebing gave up fighting. He persuaded his sister to find out Serunting’s waekness. She told Arya that Serunting concealed his soul in the highest thatch grass, which remained unshaken even mhen the wind blew on it.
         The next day, both young men resumed their fight. Having learned the secret, Arya Tebing pierced the thatch grass with his spear. Serunting fell and his leg was badly injured. Serunting knew that his wife had betrayed him so he left angrily. He haeded to Mount Siguntang and asked the god of Mahameru for mighty powers. The god told him to sit and meditate under a bamboo tree until his body was copletely covered by the bamboo laeves. Serunting did that for two years and succeeded in getting the mighty powers. Whatever words he spoke would turn into curse immadiately. From then on, people called him “Si Pahit Lidah” (the bitter tongue). Woe to him who dared oppose Serunting. Everybody feared him becouse everyone who opposed Serunting was turned to stone by his curse.
      Si Pahit Lidah, however, was not convinced yet of his power. To make sure that he really had magic power, he pronounced a curse on mellowy sugar-cane growing on the bank of lake Ranau.
      Be stone! He said, and look! Everything turned to dry uneatable stalks! Then being sure of his power he wanted to wander at first to his native village to take revenge on everybody who had
crossed his way. Everyone along he came across he turned to stone.
Everywhere along the Jambi River people can point out the spots where Si Pahit Lidah spoke his deadly curse. It stands to reason that he was the fear of everyone. There was not much needed to make him angry and the result were fatal for the person, for the victims turned to stone. A girl who, just for a joke, answered his question about the way to her village with ‘Under your feet, underwent the same fate. Little had she expected she had spoken her death sectence. People found her like a cold image with her gold chain on her neck, her rings on her finger and her bracelets around her wrists, but everything was stone.

1. What made Serunting became a mighty man?
2. What was the quarrel between Serunting and Arya Tebing about?
3. How did Arya Tebing defeat Serunting?
4. How did Serunting feel when he lost the fight?
5. When did Serunting get the power from the God of Mahameru?


1. Because he was endowed with supranatural powers

2. The cause of the quarrel was in fact jealousy about mushrooms growing on the bark of the fallen tree. Mushrooms facing Aria Tebing’s rice-feld became only useless plants.
3. Took up the fight egain and pierced the high grass plant with his spear.
4. He brooded on revenge
5. After being spat at and after having remained under a cluster of bamboo trees without taking either food or drink till the leaves of the bamboo had covered him.


The Legend of Malin Kundang
A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatra lived a woman and her son named, Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang and his mother had to live hard, because his father had passed away when he was a baby. Malin Kundang was a healthy, dilligent, and strong boy.
He usually went to sea to catch fish. After getting fish he would bring it to his mother, or sell the caught fish in the town.

     One day, when Malin Kundang was sailing, he saw a merchant’s ship being raided by a band of pirates. With his bravery, Malin Kundang helped the merchant defeat the pirates. To thank him,t he merchant allowed Malin Kundang to sail with him. Malin Kundang agreed in the hope to get a better life. He left his mother alone.

      Many years later, Malin Kundang became wealthy. He had a huge ship and a lot of crews who worked loading trading goods. He was also married to a beautiful woman. When he was sailing on his trading journey, his ship landed on a coast near a small village. The local people recognized that it was Malin Kundang, a boy from the area. The news ran fast in the town; “Malin Kundang has become rich and now he is here.

      An old woman, who was Malin Kundang’s mother, ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. She wanted to hug him to release her sadness of being lonely after a long time. When his mother came near him, Malin Kundang who was with his beautiful wife and his ship crews denied that she was his mother She had pleaded Malin Kundang to look at her and admit that she was her mother. But he kept refusing to do it and yelling at her. At last Malin Kundang said to her
Enough, old woman! I have never had a mother like you, a dirty and ugly woman!” After that he ordered his crews to set sail to leave the old woman who was then full of sadness and anger.

      Finally feeling enraged, she cursed Malin Kundang that he would turn into a stone if he didn’t apologize to her. Malin Kundang just laughed and set sail. Suddenly a thunderstorm came in the quiet sea, wrecking his huge ship. He was thrown out to a small island. It was really too late for him to avoid his curse; he had turned into a stone.

Task 3

1. Why did Malin Kundang and his mother have to live hard?
Answer: Malin Kundang and his mother had to live hard because his father had passed away when he was a baby

2. What happened many years after Malin Kundang join the sail?
Answer: Many years later, Malin Kundang became wealthy He had a huge ship and a lot of crews who worked loading
trading goods. He was also married to a beautiful woman.

3. Why did an old woman feel happy to see a ship leaned on in the beach?
Answer: An old woman, who was Malin Kundang’s mother, ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. She wanted
to hug him to release her sadness of being lonely after a long time.

Task 4
Read the following sentences aloud and find a the indonesian meanings!

1. A band of pirates (Sekelompok perompak)

2. A beautiful woman (Seorang wanita cantik)

3. A huge ship (Sebuah kapal besar)

4. Long time ago (Dahulu kala)

5 small village(Sebuah desa kecil)

6 Athunderstorm(Sebuah badai petir)

7 An old woman(Seorang wanita tua)

8.Passed away(Meninggal dunia)

9. The beach(Pantai)

10. The new rich merchant (Saudagar kaya baru)



task 5

1 apologize=pologiz regret for something bad that one has done; acknowledge faults and

2. Beach= An area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake.

3. Plead= Appeal or request earnestiy

4. Crew= The men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.)

5. Merchant=  A business person engaged in retail trade.

6. Pirate= Someone who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation.

7. Sadness= Emotions experienced when not in a state of wellbeing.

8. Sailing= The work of a sailor.

9. Town = An urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city

10. Village= A community of people smaller than a town

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